Meet Lotos! Our latest Blog WordPress theme.


Creating a Post

Lotos has the possibility to create 7 different types of posts: standard, image, video, audio, gallery, quote and link. In order to activate these post options, you'll first want to ensure you've installed & activated the required Post Formats UI for Lotos. This plugin comes included with the theme. When you first activate Lotos, you should notice a banner notification across the top of your dashboard advising you to install specific required & recommended plugins.

Install & activate the Post Formats UI for LotosLotos Meta Fields plugin by clicking the "Begin installing plugins" link. Check the boxes next to the plugins > select "Install" from the drop-down menu > and click "Apply". After, follow the same steps yet select "Activate" from the drop-down menu (plugins need to be both installed AND activated to function).

To create a new post, go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New. Above your content box & toolbar, you'll see a series of tabs titled Standard, Image, Video, Audio, Gallery, Quote and Link. Select whichever tab you'd like your post format to be in. Each tab will give you different input boxes depending on the content you'd like to add.

Standart Post

A standard post is the default post type. You can add text and images to your post using the tools and content box. Example of a standard post:

Additionally, you have the option of choosing between a number of post templates/layouts via the drop-down menu on the right titled "Template":

  • Default post layout (Right Sidebar)
  • Full-width post layout. (Post Full Width)
  • Left sidebar post layout. (Post With Left Sidebar)
  • Both sidebar post layout. (Post No Sidebar)